Breakfast With Santa

Saturday, December 15

9:00 - 10:30 A.M.

Ages 0-2 - free

Ages 3-12 - $5

Ages 13 & up - $10

Bring your camera!

Pre-sale tickets are available


Proceeds to benefit A.S.Y.L.U.M. Youth Group 2019 Mission Trip 

BFast With Santa 2018

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     What has constituted your best Christmas?  To some of us, it is the joy of remembering our childhood and special gifts that came our way.  It may have been a bicycle or a doll or an electronic game or even some sports equipment.  We move through the stages of life with Christmas gifts that speak to our current situation.   The doll may morph into an engagement ring or the electronic game into a first car. 

I am convinced that, whatever the stage, the hints of gifts wanted are consistently before us.

     As we look around our sanctuary on these Advent Sundays, our glances are at persons of all stages of Christmas experience.  Most have celebrated childhood Christmases.  Some of have known Christmas as teen-agers.  As parents, many of us have seen Christmas through the eyes of our excited children.  Even some have experienced the joy of the season with our jubilant grandchildren.  Personally,
I can find a best Christmas in all these stages.  There is simply something unique that thrills us and reminds us of the joy of Christmas. 
Could it be that feeling flows from the best news the world has ever received?

     I pray that, as you prepare for this Christmas, you will see the possibility, even probability, that your best Christmas is still before you -- regardless of your age or stage.  Jesus Christ is born again and all the hope and joy and celebration has not diminished.  As Our Lord is at the center of this wondrous time of year, we open the possibility of even greater divine fortune through God’s unequalled love.  May the blessings of this season bring you another best Christmas!!


     Ed Tomlinson