Every once in a while, I will notice an insect on my car windshield as I head down GA 400.  We have had a good crop this summer!

It is amazing to me how these spiders, ants, and other minor vermin cling to the windshield at speeds of 60 miles an hour and above.  In this season of tornados and hurricanes, I am aware of how God worked to preserve even minor bits of the created earth.

     At the University of Pennsylvania, scientists have been studying snail slime.  Now, I know at the beginning of this football season you are thinking that there is slime at several Power Five schools.  Yet, something is to be learned from insects and how their God-given defenses and protections can be applied to the adhesives we use.  A snail stuck to the cement is not easily detached. Yet, when that snail is ready to move on, there is no hesitancy. What can we learn from that slime?  As we are able to duplicate the makeup of it, how does it educate us to form a better adhesive?

       The way the whole earth has been created keeps opening to us better products, better answers, and better lifestyles.  Surely, the God who has left numerous mysteries for us to unravel has more in store for our continued relationship with our Creator.  A fresh thought, a new revelation, a serendipity are all new windows to how God has formed us and wants to be in fellowship with us. Come worship with us as we try to peer in those windows!

                                                              Ed Tomlinson